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Bury’s Stray Cat Fund
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About Us

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Bury’s Stray Cat Fund, Friars Orchard, The Street, Little Whelnetham, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 0UH. Tel 01284 388455 | Rehoming cats for over 30 years

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Bury’s Stray Cat Fund is set in the heart of the beautiful Suffolk countryside near historic Bury St. Edmunds.  We are an independent cat sanctuary who have been looking after cats and kittens for over 30 years.  Please see our History page to find out more about our story. 

We operate within a strict radius set by our Committee -

please take a look at the map to see if you are within our

area. Unfortunately we are not able to home, or take in,

cats, outside of this area.  Please note that we only home to

permanent UK residents.

Bury’s Stray Cat Fund help felines of all ages and from all backgrounds including domestic and feral and we are very proud of our work which has led to tremendous success in caring for and re-homing many cats over the years.  We also operate a foster scheme for older cats meaning that older cats who might otherwise be overlooked are able to live happy lives in new homes. 

As a charity relying solely on donations we are very thankful for the support we receive whether it be donations of money, goods or food; attendance at sales; or time to volunteer.  We have detailed ways you can help us on this website.

The aims of Bury’s Stray Cat Fund are to:

do all we can to reduce the suffering of the stray and feral population of cats.  Neutering is encouraged as the only humane method of reducing the large numbers involved.

rescue as many cats and kittens as we can.  We admit 400 - 500 cats a year.  Our policy of “euthanasia only on vet’s advice” results in approximately 20 - 30 cats in long term care in foster homes.  At any one time we also have 15 - 40 cats and kittens in short term care waiting for homes.

reduce the number of feral cats by trapping, neutering and returning them to where the habitat is suitable and where there is someone responsible to care for them.  Food is provided where necessary.  At present we are providing food for approximately 50 ferals.

maintain high standards of veterinary treatment, hygiene, general care and hand rearing of motherless or rejected kittens.  Comfortable heated accommodation is provided.  All cats in our care over 12 weeks are vaccinated and those over 5 months neutered. 

help the elderly and others who can no longer care for their pets, and home them with new owners who will keep in touch and may visit with the cat.  It obviously means a great deal to the previous owners to know their beloved pet is well cared for and happy.

offer advice on all aspects of cat care.

assist with the cost of neutering and treatment in cases of extreme hardship.

take responsibility for cats involved in road traffic accidents or requiring emergency treatment until and owner is traced.

04/02/11 - Unfortunately bad weather, Christmas and illness got the better of us recently hence the lack of site updates.  Apologies for this. 

If you require details of cats currently available for re-homing please call the Sanctuary directly.

We are currently working on a site re-vamp so please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see.  In the meantime, thanks for your support and patience.

Shaun & Sarah-Jane


Did you know ... David Ruffley (Member of Parliament for

Bury St. Edmunds, Stowmarket and Needham Market) supports

Bury’s Stray Cat Fund?  Click here to read his press release

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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday: 10am-Noon, 2pm-4pm

Sunday am: By Appointment Only

Bury’s Stray Cat Fund

Friars Orchard

The Street

Little Whelnetham

Bury St. Edmunds


IP30 0UH

Telephone: 01284 388455

Email: info@burystraycatfund.co.uk

Registered Charity No: 279321

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